Tuesday, May 29, 2018


HAVE YOU PLAYED NOGGLE STONES YET? Roll the stones with Bugbear and Tugmire for an exciting 4 hour adventure in the new CRT epic production of NOGGLE STONES.




Here's a fun interview with Sgt. Billy (Bill O'Brien) on WGN Morning News in Chicago. Watch for all new episodes of THE ADVENTURES OF SGT. BILLY AND CORP. SAM coming this summer from CRT!


Thursday, April 26, 2018


OUR NEXT RELEASE will be out in the next couple of weeks - a fantasy adventure for the entire family based on Wil Radcliffe's popular book series.

While searching for the lost ruins of an ancient temple, the mad goblin scholar, Bugbear, and his gambler cousin, Tudmire, come into possession of a most peculiar scroll. It is through this scroll that the mystical world of Annwfn and the world of 19th Century humanity are suddenly and inadvertently thrust together. Allying thems...elves with the awkward human stage magician, Martin Manchester, and the fierce warrior woman, Maga, Bugbear and Tudmire must rally the frightened folk of the small town of Willow Prairie against the gathering evil... an evil that has been awakened by the scroll... an evil that hungers for revenge! It is only when Bugbear and Manchester come to realize the wisdom held in an ancient rhyme that they are able to summon the courage to face their hidden foe... "White, gray, and black stones Scattered `cross the board. Now you must unite them To become the Noggle Lord!" 
J.T. TURNER and TOM BERRY lead the Colonial Radio Players in this epic production directed by Jerry Robbins, produced by M.J. Cogburn, with music by Jeffrey Gage.

Cover Art by Iman Jordan

Friday, April 20, 2018

Sometimes you just need to respond -

I HATE responding to critics, and I rarely do; but sometimes I need ...to speak up for myself. A recent POWDER RIVER Season 1 review on Audible (and mind you, it wasn't a terrible review by any means) said "I think they actually copied some stories from old days. I can not believe that someone today would write a story were a boy tells a girl in a wheelchair, that she can walk. He just meets the girl and he knows she can walk.
" Dear Jim - I can assure you I did not copy anything from the old days. In fact - those who know me well can tell you that I don't listen to old time radio shows, with the exception of an occassional Jack Benny show. I have yet to hear a complete episode of GUNSMOKE. I don't listen to ANY audio outside of CRT, because lets face it, when you work on audio 20 hours a day, the last thing you want to to is listen to someone elses in your time off. THAT SAID - season 1 of Powder River is not the best in the series as the episodes were all over the place... but in the episode you are citing; I was writing how I thought a kid would think in 1874 -- before the age of 24hr news and phones with the world at your fingertips. A time when living in the west meant isolation and little contact with cities thousands of miles to the east. 
 Chad doesn't understand why she can't walk - he just thinks that if she wants to, she can. He's never encountered someone like this before. In the end she's not dancing a jig and skipping down the yellow brick road... she still needs assistance and can only take a few steps...and who knows if that could have or could not have happened. I read stories where it did. Today someone in her position may be able to walk in time with with therapy. In the 1870s they put you in a wheel chair and that was that. I'm not arguing with your review - just defending myself -- . you said that I probably copied old time scripts. I can assure you, was not the case.
As for the Mark Twain episode having no plot - it doesn't have much of one thats for sure - but in defense of the story, we had to remove about 7 minutes for CD, which left some plot holes and it hurt the story... which I admit, was not the best. Cheers - JR

Monday, April 09, 2018

SHERIFF DAWES ON THE BIG SCREEN! Joseph Zamparelli appears as "Officer Huck Look" in the new motion picture CHAPPAQUIDDICK, now in theaters everywhere. CRT listeners know Joseph from his 11 years on POWDER RIVER as Sheriff Dawes, and in TICONDEROGA as Capt. Campbell.

Sheriff Dawes gives up his horse for a squad car! Here is Joseph Zamparelli as Officer Huck Look filming CHAPPAQUIDDICK. The movie is now playing nationwide.




“ Fantastic series ”
Extremely well produced and performed series and this one gets back to its roots. Marvellous. (Tom in Australia)
“ Awesome."
Listened to it three times already and can't wait for volume 2. Powder River is awesome as is Ticonderoga (Pat)
“ just keeps getting better! cant wait for volume 2 ”
I've been hooked on this story since the xm days and love how the characters and community have grown, best series ever! (Jason)
“ This is another example of and AMAZING production! ”
I have loved this production from the time I first heard Powder River in 2004. when I listen to the shows I actually become a character in the back ground watching it like a TV show. Its really hard to explain the connection I have with the show. I also feel privileged that in 2009 I was able to meet with Jerry Robbins and Joseph Zamparelli, and ate dinner and drinks with them and have a tour of downtown Boston. I hope one day to get to meet more of the cast! keep up the AMAZING job CRT!
“ One of the best!!! ”
This Powder River was one of the best! My family has waited months for its release and we were NOT disappointed!!! (Sonya)
“ Outstanding! ”
Well worth the wait! Thanks Uncle Jerry! KEEP THE POWDER RIVER SEASONS GOING! Thank you (Robert)
Have been waiting for awhile for the new season to come out and I can honestly say it was worth the wait! Can’t wait till the second volume comes out! Very family friendly show! My three year old daughter loves listening to power river too (Anonymous User).

Thursday, April 05, 2018


                                                               NOW AVAILABLE!




Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Remember - CRT is on the air each and every Sunday night on AM 880 KIXI in Seattle - and you can hear it all over the world via internet streaming.

The Sunday night show is repeated on THURSDAYS too!

This week, THUR. MAR. 29 - A double dose of JERRY AND THE PIRATES with the episides "When Lovely Agatha Came to Town," and "Cranker's Big Date." Broadcasting out of Seattle, listen online at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern

LISTEN LIVE Jerry and the Pirates 8pm Pacific 11pm Easter MAR 29



Friday, March 23, 2018


TODAY IN CRT HISTORY - Foley recording was completed for KING SOLOMON'S MINES -- battle cries, war chants, safari singing, crowd background.

The late Mike Kaplan directed the "Zulu work chants" and they turned out great - we used them again in the sequel a few years later. Marcia Friedman recorded punch-in lines earlier in the week for "Gagool" and with that - recording on the production was completed.

Editing had already begun, and the show was shipped to the publishers the following month. KING SOLOMON'S MINES - finished production on this date, TEN YEARS AGO. Mar. 23, 2008. It remains one of our most popular titles.


Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Sorry for not posting - we've been dodging snowstorms and nor'easters here in Boston, and lost our internet for a few days (snow is not always light and fluffy).

We have some CD news! Not everyone is a fan of downloads, and while we originally discontinued our CD's in 2013, listener requests have brought them back.  Watch for these CRT productions coming soon on CD from Brilliance Audio!

BEACON HILL Series 3: March 20
TICONDEROGA Season 3: April 3
BEACON HILL Series 4: April 10

Some more news -- In June we'll be recording six new episodes of THE ADVENTURES OF SGT. BILLY AND CORP. SAM - Starring "Boomtowns" Billy O'Brien and Sam Donato. We're expecting to release them late summer (August) - and the CD release of all 12 episodes will be out in the fall.

We're also returning to the works of the great Jules Verne with THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND - the exciting sequel to 20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA - probably our best selling production based on a novel. We're hoping to record this in April. No release date set.