Thursday, July 06, 2006


Sent off "Dandelion Wine" to Ray Bradbury. Knowing he is going to listen to the production is causing me some serious "opening night jitters!" I hope what we created comes close to the vision he had when he wrote the script. I celebrated with some Mai Tai's, and then wrote another Powder River script for the session on the 17th.

I need to get another script done, but I won't tackle that until tomorrow.

The Captain Blood cover art looks awesome!! Check it out at under July releases. It can be ordered from any B&N or Borders come July 28th, and should be on the shelf at Christmas. It's also at B&N and Borders online sites - the $19.95 version.

Is this a blog or an advertising site? It's a blog. But I figure a blog is where you write what is happening in your life, and right now, my life is 100% CRT

Our "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" has won the Ogle Award for Best Fantasy Production of 2005! I am VERY excited and happy about that! This production was a bear to produce, and write, and it's nice to see it get some recognition. What would it have been like without Lincoln Clark? He was the BEST Ichabod Crane I've ever heard. I also think it's one of my favorite J. Gage scores.

I have a brand new series for CRT in the planning stages!! Film at 11

OK, some NON CRT blogging

Has anyone seen "Poseidon?" I want to see it. I loved the original, and can't imagine an upside down ship without dear old Shelly Winters screaming "MANNY! MANNY!" but I hear the effects are amazing.

Ty Burr of the Boston Globe slammed "Pirates of the Caribbean 2" This guy hates everything. Remember when critics were REALLY critics (Elliot Norton, anyone?) This guy comes from the "Kevin Kelly Poison Pen School of Critics." You see every other review on this movie gives it 3 1/2 or 3 stars, but old Mr. Burr gives it 1 and a half. AND, a friend of mine who was at the advance screening saw Mr. Burr leave the theatre twice during the film, and then he left before the credits rolled. And then he has the nerve to post his opinion to the Boston Globe???

I guess he reviewed the parts he actually watched. I have seen several Baaawstun Critics in action (names withheld), and every time, I wondered WHY in hell anyone PAYS them for their worthless, biased opinions.

Don't get me going on critics.

Show me a critic and I'll show you an actor who never made it.