Sunday, July 30, 2006


Four scripts in a week and a half. Three were recorded last Monday, the fourth will be recorded this coming Monday (July 31), and I have one more to finish for this Monday (umm, taping on the the 31st as well). You might say I am POWDER RIVER crazy. These scripts dive in to what makes certain characters tick, so they have been very difficult to write, especially since I have no idea what makes these characters tick.
I can't think of anything more scary than looking at a screen that says POWDER RIVER - ACT 1 - PAGE 1 on it, and knowing that 27 pages must follow.
ANYWAY, I'm not complaining - just wish they were all finished. Things are really taking off here, and I am THRILLED that we got Chris Snyder on the team to help with the editing. Season 2 episodes for XM are due - like NOW - as well as our weekend XM show with Dibble - then there is the new BRADBURY project to get into production (auditions for the kids roles this week)..... all I want to do is go to a cabin in New Hampshire and listen to the loons. OK, I know I'll go crazy after three days, but what the hell.