Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dave in TN hates our production of GETTYSBURG! I just read his review on i-tunes. He gave it ONE STAR! His sterling review is as follows

This is TERRIBLE! I can't believe I bought it! It was on during our road trip for all of 5 minutes before I shut of off. I thought I would give it another try but this is just WAY TOO SILLY

David, David, David. I normally dont respond to reviews (espcially armchair reviews, or carseat reviews whatever fits you best), but this one was something! I can't believe you bought this either!! I was shocked!!

I mean - didn't you listen to the 10 minute preview before you plopped down $11.95?? Surely you would have realized 5 minutes into the 10 minute preview that this show was TERRIBLE! My, my! WHAT were you THINKING???

You see David from TN - some programs take a little time to unwind. A show that runs three and half hours needs more than five minutes in a car with lousy speakers (they must be lousy if the show sounded good enough to download for $11.95 after you listened to the 10 minute preview)- to gain speed. But, I suppose you live in a fast world and want everything zapped into high gear without any structure.

If you didn't listen to the 10 minute preview before you plopped down $11.95 for this TERRIBLE I SHUT IT OFF IN FIVE MINUTES production, you have no one to blame but yourself. But - I think you did listen to it. Maybe it was the traffic. Maybe it was the company. maybe it was the ride. Maybe it was the lousy speakers; maybe its a very short attention span; but I am VERY SORRY for producing such an unworthy production! Please forgive me David from TN! I'll try better next time - and I'll see if I can get i-tunes to shorten the samples to five minutes so you can decided within the space of your attention span if the show sucks or not. Thanks for the review!! I appreciate it! (ps - the guys in blue won)


Cindy Woods said...

Don't mince words, Jerry.
How do you REALLY feel? :-)

Jerry Robbins said...

You should have seen my FIRST draft!

Anonymous said...

Where is this 10 minute preview. The best I can find is 2 minutes on itunes?
Sean in Dublin.

Jerry Robbins said...

Interesting, Sean. Perhaps I owe David an appology of some sorts - I just listened to the i-tunes preview and it is indeed 2 minutes. When our programs first went on i-tunes the clips were 10 minutes; as they are placed there by (and they were the same clips and same descriptions). Perhaps i-tunes needs more space as time goes by. You can hear the 10 min clip on Audible.Com, and that is the clip that was once on i-tunes.