Monday, February 12, 2007

New Programs

We've been running some new programs on our XM show. The first - A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY had a run of 7 episodes last week, followed by THE DEAD LINE for three episodes. DEAD LINE is produced in Canada by Sonic Cinema. Anyone hear the broadcasts? What do you think?

Tonight we continue recording THE FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES with two new episodes; this will bring our total to 7 episodes, and we record the final one next week. Well, there will be more, but as far as a CD release, Vol. 1 goes - we're done! We'll continue recording in April or May most likely.

POWDER RIVER, SEASON FOUR is just about wrapped up with post-production. It airs on XM in just about five weeks (after season three repeats, starting this Wednesday).
Sixty episodes total! I never thought we would do more than 15!


aspenskigolf said...

Dear Dibble,
My older sister and I look foward to your show every Saturday. We run out to our Dad's truck just to listen. My sister is good at drawing so as we listen to your show she has drawn a picture of you. Or what we think you would look like if we saw you. Our dad thinks you have a good face for radio.

DIBBLE said...

HIYA Aspenskigolf ...
That is a nice email name! Do you play golf on ski's? I am very happy that you listen to my show on Saturdays! It's also nice that your sister drew a picture of me!! I mean, after all - I AM a staa! Also, thank your Dad for the very nice compliment! Many people have told me that I have a good face for radio - it is very encouraging to know that they recognize talent when they see it!!! Thank you for writing to me - Be good - and see ya on Saturday at the show!
Mayham MA