Monday, February 05, 2007

what a day

It's about -2 here in Bawstun, and the day has been full of fun and games. The best part was my water pipe burst from the cold, and did a fair amount of damp damage to some things (not the mention the ceiling). Some other little incidents topped everything off, and then we had a recording session in the evening. All in all, a day that I am happy to see leave. We recorded two more FATHER BROWN episodes tonight, and next week - two more. After that, we do one more episode and VOL. 1 is finished. We record every week this month (the western tapes at the end of the Feb.)just like the old days in the 90's banging out one a week for an entire year.
We now have 200 titles on Spoken Network - and now that they have expanded to 5000 plus titles, we are buried under the mass of items from Random House and BBC. So, nice while it lasted but no one knows we're in there unless they dig for us.
And to all you Colts Fans - congrats! And I must say Peyton wasn't acting like too much of a crybaby! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry about all the bad luck with your pipes. Now it makes sense that your town is called Mayhem, eh? I hope everything is back up and running properly. Be warm and safe, my friend.
Macomb, IL