Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I haven't ranted in a while.

Rosie wants the PRICE IS RIGHT job?? I'll never watch again. I guess she is going to try and recapture her "Queen of Nice" gig. Too late - the true colors have been flown.

Mayor Bloomburg - what are you thinking??! Two words to remember - ROSS PEROT (and he had billions too)

I havent watched it, because I cant stand reality TV, but AMERICA'S GOT TALENT - I mean - we have David Hasselhoff judging TALENT??!!!!!

Almost got rear ended today by a nice oblivious lady in her BMW chatting on her cell phone, laughing, and having a hell of a good time. I saw her in my rear view mirror as she got closer and closer. If I didnt swing out of the lane where I was PARKED, she would have gone right into me. Seeing as how she ran right through a red light, its amazing she didnt hit anyone. Last I saw of her, she was still holding the phone to her ear, driving merrily on her way. The dark side of me thought that I should have let her hit me. I would have had a stiff neck, but the world would be rid of another dangerous driver.

remember the world before cell phones?

Angela Lansbury should have won the TONY Award. Saw her last month at the Music Box in NYC; great performance!! WHo was that woman who won? Remember the "good old days" when people didnt act like idiots when they won awards? I was watching some old clips on Youtube of the old Oscar and TONY broadcasts. How times have changed. Angie would have brought some class into the act.

Saw Christopher Plummer last month also, in INHERIT THE WIND. Awesome production, but I already wrote about that last month (Angela and Plummer in one day - fantastic). Still - I was rooting for him!!

thats enough. back to writing. aloha.

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