Wednesday, September 05, 2007


We got word from Blackstone that our production of Ray Bradbury's SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES will be released on CD, mp3 and Cassette Oct. 1st!
This is my favorite Bradbury story, and we got a good response from Bradbury authority Phil Nichols, of, and he said he would be posting his review when the show is released. Ray loved it also, which is the most important thing. Jeff's score is, again, fantastic, and the performances ain't too bad either! The two leads are played by Anastas Varinos (Treasure Island) and Matthew Scott Robertson (Guns of Powder River), and you can't miss the CHILLING performance by J.T. Turner as the evil Mr. Dark. Others in the cast include Diane Lind, Diane Capen,Tom Berry,Lincoln Clark,Teresa Goding, Shonna McEachern,Joseph Zamparelli Jr.,Marcia Friedman, Allysa Mello, Dan Gelinas, and Rik Pierce. The show was directed by Nancy Curran Willis, and the post producer was Chris Snyder.

Ray Bradbury wrote the script, based on his original novel!!

Sooo - if you're looking for a scary 2 hours for Halloween - put this on the CD player, turn the lights out - and this will surely put a chill up your spine! Info will be posted on the CRT website home page when ordering information is available. ~JR

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