Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back in Business

Thank you to everyone who sent cards and emails over the past two weeks; they were very much appreciated. My Dad had been ill for six years, but always rebounded; and only three weeks ago he seemed to be bouncing back once again, but things turned and two days later he was gone. This one rocked me pretty hard, and still does, but at least now I can focus a little better and hopefully get some work done.

We have POWDER RIVER AND THE MOUNTAIN OF GOLD in post production right now. This will be done in the next few days and we should have it up for download by the end of the month. This one features REX TRAILER and his tv sidekick SGT. BILLY O'BRIEN! It's going to be a fun show.

MJ COGBURN continues post work on our FATHER BROWN MYSTERY series, and we are hoping to get these done by the end of October for a possible Christmas CD release. This will give us a total of eight episodes (and another 8 are planned)

Ray Bradbury'sTHE HALLOWEEN TREE is now in music scoring! I think I can say that this is going to be one of the most incredible music scores on ANY CRT show; we are debuting our new music system with this one, and the results are quite spectacular.

Our production partners at THE HOUSE OF COOL in Toronto pitched THE DIBBLE SHOW to a number of broadcasters at MIPCOM JR and MIPCOM in Cannes, France, earlier this month.This is the place where all the major broadcasters from around the world go to buy next years shows. We have several interested parties in the show, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can seal a deal in the next few weeks. You can see the DIBBLE animatic at the House of Cool website. Click on "House Work,: then "Original content," then "television," and a small tv screen will pop up; Dibble is the middle icon under this screen. click it and you will see the animatic. Also, to the left of the screen are numbered blocks. These have some drawings from the show.

This week I am going to be working on our POWDER RIVER episodes for Jim French's IMAGINATION THEATER. We are on the first Sunday of each month on radio stations all over the U.S. I am going to try and get a few months ahead of the game. Since Imagination Theater is an hour long show, I am taking two PR episodes and re-cutting them into a single episode. This means the credits also need to be re-recorded and edited; so, there is some work involved. You can hear the episodes online; they are streamed the week after they broadcast.

We are also expecting POWDER RIVER to be available on GDL Multi Media. They were due for release this month, but I don't think we have heard anything from them yet. We'll keep an eye on it and post the info when it is available.

Thats all for now. Adios.


Greg Levchak said...

We, unfortunately, had a slight production delay in the release of the first two Powder River Episodes. Artwork has begun this week and titles will be available mid-November. Our apologies for the delay. We look forward to getting these out and on the shelf. We're very excited to be working with Colonial Radio.


Greg Levchak
Chief Creative Officer
GDL Multimedia

Jerry Robbins said...

Thanks, Greg! We have a pretty good fan base of truckers, and many of them tell me they are looking forward to the upcoming release of Powder River. It caught on with them from the XM Broadcasts, and they are loyal fans of the show! Thanks to YOU and everyone at GDL - this is a very exciting chance to get the show out there! Looking forward to many years of working together! - Jerry

Greg Levchak said...

As are we. We love your guys content and look forward to seeing it on shelves sooner than later...

In the meantime, Please checkout our other titles available on, Ebay, or which include a number of stories from Imagination Theatre and such. (Shameless plug I know, but now that colonial is working with Imagination Theatre, what the heck. :)

GDL Multimedia

Anonymous said...



Jerry Robbins said...

Thanks, Jason! We appreciate the kind words - and thank you for listening! ~JR

Anonymous said...

The first two Colonial Radio titles from GDL MUltimedia have gone to press! Pre-orders are available on Search for Powder River Season 1 Volume 1, and Powder River Season 1 Volume 2.