Thursday, January 31, 2008

CRT heading for SPACE!

In all the years we have been producing radio plays at CRT, we have never done science fiction. Even the three productions we have done with Ray Bradbury were not quite sci-fi ... more fantasy I would say.
Well, that will change this summer! I am VERY excited to tell you all that we are going to produce BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR-ROBOT. This was a book written by Walter Koenig in 1988. Walter played Pavel Chekov in TV's STAR TREK, as well as in seven of the motion pictures. He also is known for the role of AlfredBester in Babylon 5.

Mr. Koenig will be joining us when we record the program, and will also be appearing in it. We are really looking forward to bringing it to life with the CRT Players, thousands of sound effects, and one of Jeff Gage's brilliant scores. Deniz Cordell is writing the audio script from the original novel, and Chris Snyder will do post production.

I've been a great Star Trek fan for many, many years, and this is just an amazing chance to work with one of the "Original Series Cast members," and also to thank him in return by producing his book BUCK ALICE and pulling out all the stops to make it into a first class audio production he will be proud of.

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