Sunday, January 06, 2008


FINALLY after a long delay, I am VERY happy that this week we are releasing our 62nd POWDER RIVER production called POWDER RIVER and the MOUNTAIN OF GOLD. Starring in this 77 min feature length program is Boston TV Icon REX TRAILER and his side-kick of many years SGT. BILLY O'BRIEN! I used to watch Rex and Billy every Saturday and Sunday morning on BOOMTOWN, which Rex starred in for 25 years on WBZ TV. My thanks to Sam Donato for making it all happen. Sam (Who was also a featured regular on BOOMTOWN) has been with CRT for six years now, and worked out the details to re-unite Rex and Billy for a guest spot on our western series. We taped this back in June, and it was meant to be the first three episodes of Season 5, however when I decided to delay a season 5 for other projects, the three episodes were edited into a stand alone feature.

I have previewed this episode for some friends, and they all loved it (It is much lighter than most of the PR episodes) and all said it was one of their "new favorite episodes." Well, everyone is different of course, but I am hoping that the majority of our listeners agree with them. Also in this production are Lincoln Clark, J.T. Turner, and Jeffrey Gage. It was produced by Chris Snyder, who once again outdoes himself.

I have loaded the show into the SPOKEN NETWORK files for download, but it is still in the "pending" category. It should go "live" in another day or so. I will post the link here.

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