Monday, February 25, 2008


Now that KING SOLOMON'S MINES is wrapping up recording, we are gearing up for our next production, MOONFLEET. Set in the fishing village of Moonfleet during the mid 18th century, the story concerns a 15 year old orphan boy, John Trenchard, who becomes friends with an older man who turns out to be the leader of a gang of smugglers.

It's an exciting adventure in 10 episodes that we plan on airing on XM in June or July. Deniz Cordell dramatized the novel by J. Meade Falkner. The book was extremely popular among children worldwide up until the1970s, mostly for its themes of adventure and gripping storyline. In recent years it has fallen from popularity, possibly because parents thought that smuggling and other immoral activity should not be encouraged. As always, we will tell the story as it was written in 1888. We have not assigned a producer yet, and we are just now starting to line up the large cast. More details later!

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