Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well, we are finished with THE HALLOWEEN TREE. Ray should have his copy of the finished production by now, and I hope he likes what we have done with his incredible story. In my opinion, it's the HALLOWEEN version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. You should get the book and give it a read - it's wonderful. Our program should be released in the fall.

Now that our job is finished on that one, it's time to focus on KING SOLOMON'S MINES, which is being post produced by Byron Lee. It's due at the end of the month, and what I've heard so far sounds pretty good. The episodes are a little on the long side, so they will have to be re-cut to fit our XM time slot - no, that doesnt mean leaving things on the editing room floor; it means that part of the original episode 1 will now be part of episode 2, and so on and so on. No biggy, we've done it before. I'll say this much, it sure does sound like we recorded it in the jungle!

I hope to have the cast set for MOONFLEET by the end of the upcoming week, as I want to start recording ASAP.

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