Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Thrill of it all!

Another hour and a half and we run our first preview of KING SOLOMON'S MINES! This will be the first time the show is run in its entirety for some of the cast, and afterwards we will record the cast interviews for the CD EXTRA'S feature on disc 4. 10:30 am is early for a preview, but since the show runs 4 and 1/2 hours, we need the early start.
Now, if I only had the entire show! YIKES! Chris is still editing the end of the battle scene! It's 5:30am in Arizona and I just talked with him; I should have the scene very soon and then we'll be all set! Exciting!! I'm just hoping everyone likes the program and that it paces well. You never know until they are done! Then, Sun. and Mon. we edit the special features, one more music track needs to be written and edited in, and then on Tuesday the show will be sent off to Oregon and our Publishers, Blackstone for a June release. Considering we started recording in January, I'd say we all made pretty good time!

In the next couple of weeks (or sooner) I am going to be able to announce some very exciting projects that we will be adding to our Season 13 shows!

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