Monday, June 02, 2008


Pretty cool - tonight I listened to a broadcast of POWDER RIVER, originating out of San Diego, KFMB, 760AM It airs the first Sunday of every month on Jim French's IMAGINATION THEATER program. You can hear it at 10pm PST, 1am EST.
I don't usually listen to broadcasts of our shows, but it was cool hearing one coming out of California. The power of radio! Fun!

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Sharonmaggie said...

Isn't it amazing how accessable information of all kinds is now with the availability of the internet? It is a bit harder to get streaming radio drama though, with problem of copyright complicating things, at least that seems to be the purported problem with XM radio. Intellectual property rights are a big issue, and i do understand the complexity, and need to provide renumeration for services rendered. We are smart people and we'll figure it all out over time.