Monday, June 16, 2008

the unsteady revolution

I'm watching the HBO series JOHN ADAMS on DVD. Why has Hollywood abandoned the tripod?? I swear you can get sea sick watching this show. Fantastic sets, CGI, acting - but couldn't they get a tripod??? I watched a couple of other made for tv pictures with the same style. Where's William Daniels when you need him?

On the other hand, just finished watching THE ADAMS CHRONICLES, which I remembered loving when I saw it for the first (and only time) in 1976. Incredible series with George Grizzard and William Daniels .... and yes, they had a tripod. So far, this version trumps JOHN ADAMS by a mile.

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Sharonmaggie said...

In 1976, there wasn't so much emphasis on political correctness as there is today, either.