Friday, August 08, 2008


Now, how cool a year has this been so far? Our third Bradbury production about to be released - we just worked with a STAR TREK legend, and now, we are embarking on a project with another legend - this one from Broadway - the great William Luce (remember the Belle of Amherst, anyone?). Mr. Luce is working with CRT to bring his amazing work, BARRYMORE, to life as an audio drama. I have played JB in Mr. Luce's play onstage over the past six years, and I am BEYOND thrilled to be recording it. Mr. Luce is also writing some new scenes to make the transition to audio clearer, and he has been just fantastic to work with. I am hoping to perform the show onstage again next spring/summer. If you know of a good theater in your town - let me know, and we might pay you a visit!
CRT's BARRYMORE will record Aug. 20,21, and 23rd, and we are hoping for a Christmas release - but more on that later.

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Sharonmaggie said...

Congratulations, Jerry, on being able to bring BARRYMORE to the ears of audiophiles with new material included!
When/if you do decide to take the stage play on the road, what size/type of venue are you looking for? The Ringling Theater in Baraboo has undergone a fabulous renovation and might be at the intersection of a couple of your interests, having been built by the Ringling brothers, and about 1/2 hour from Madison. Another irony is that their is an east side Madison venue named "The Barrymore." Both are old glorious movie houses, as are the Majestic and Orpheum Theaters in Madison which are used for live shows and stage plays now. The Orpheum also serves gourmet food in it's fine ornate lobby and curbside to help make ends meet. Larger venues (or probably just more expensive) would be The Overture Center on State Street in Madison (multiple sized venues available there), and the Memorial Union Theater on UW Madison's campus (perfect accustics here, I might add).
In Milwaukee, the Pabst theater is a beautifully restored old classic theater, built by none other than the Pabst brewing family in the golden age of German Milwaukee. I know there are numerous other theaters in the Milwaukee area, both urban and suburban. Chicago utterly reeks of theaters everywhere. Oshkosh has an old refurbished Opera House, and Appleton has Lawrence College campus theater facilities, as does Ripon (home of the Republican Party, or so they clain!). I know the Quad Cities area of WI, IA, IL has a theater or two and that doesn't even mention all the Indain casino theaters dotted all over the Milwaukee, Fox Valley, Mississippi River valley area. Many schools in the area also have great theater facilities that some of the more rural towns fund and share with local rep companies. Door County, Stugeon Bay, Elkhart Lake (specialty car racing and old Victorian Inns with theaters, go figure!). I'll do more research, too, but knowing what size you are looking for would help. Sharon