Sunday, August 17, 2008

The summer rolls on

We now have 14 episodes of JERRY AND THE PIRATES recorded, and 7 edited, three scripts ready for recording on Aug. 18th, and 3 more scripts in the works for Aug.27!
After that, we have another session on Sept. 8 or 9th (I dont remember which at the moment) and then we're done! 24 episodes in 4 months.

We are planning a nice big old fashioned One Hour Christmas Special for XM Radio, which we will record in late September/early October. This will be in the style of the good old Bing Crosby, Andy Williams specials from long ago. It bugs me that you can't turn on the TV and see holiday shows anymore - at least, the variety kind that I gew up with. SO - we're gonna try it on radio! Lots of music, skits, comedy and drama! Debbie Roy and JT Turner are writing segments for it, as am I.

BUCK ALICE is being sorted - meaning we are logging in the scenes we did, and logging in the Foleys and re-takes that need to be done. Progress!

BARRYMORE records later this week as well. William Luce has done an INCREDIBLE audio adaptation of his play, and it's a stunner! I can't WAIT to do this.

THE HALLOWEEN TREE inches closer every day to its Oct. 1st release! We have great hopes for this production, which many are saying is our best work to date. I'll let others judge that.

Wrote 3 episodes of JERRY AND THE PIRATES on Thur. Fri. and Sat, of this weekend, so taking a little break before I start up again tonight, around 11pm.

Off to the races!

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