Thursday, October 02, 2008

Has it really been a year

I lost my Dad one year ago today. This picture was one I took for him the day he bought his new camera; My Mom passed away in 2001. It's one of my favorite pictures of them. Their house was paid off, he had just retired, and everything was good. Very, very good. These were two wonderful people.

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Sharonmaggie said...

I'm so sorry, Jerry. This is one of the tough parts of growing up and becoming an adult, losing people you really love and knowing that it has always been this way and now you are part of that older generation. When my dad died (my last living parent), I realized I was "an orphan"... that there was no one in the generation "before me" anymore. I'm not the oldest in my family, but I am the first female, and that makes me feel that I have special responsibilites to keep bringing the family together as we move across the country and globe to try to keep that thread of family connecting us all (sexist, maybe, but perhaps biologically driven). As we add subsequent generations, it becomes more difficult to do that, but in some ways more necessary to try, especially for those of us who occupy this older generation and understand that there is "something unique" in the ties of family. The internet is certainly helping with that, and even facebook to some extent (and I can thank you & CRT for that) since we now have a family page that "encourages" the technologically challenged Dalys to sign up to find out what's going on in the family.