Friday, December 12, 2008

NEW YORK, NEW YORK and other items of interest

I always love it when I get to visit NYC. I caught the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular (and I might add that the word Spectacular is a gross understatement), and also saw Richard Griffiths and Daniel Radcliffe in EQUUS. Now, I have only seen one Harry Potter movie (the first one), so I did not know what to expect; but watching this 19 year old on stage was something to see. I don't toss off compliments lightly (hardly ever, actually), but in watching him in this show must have been the same for audiences watching the young Marlon Brando in STREETCAR so many years ago. This kid is a magnificent actor - and it's is without question the finest dramatic performance I've ever seen on a Broadway stage. I'm headed back on Dec. 27th with J.T. to catch Liza Minnelli at the Palace Theatre, and since Jeff Gage will be in town, we'll do dinner at Sardi's - one of my favorite spots in town (or maybe Roxy's, which J.T. has turned me on to!).

We have recorded another PERRY MASON episode last week. We should have the first one out very soon, and our third session of TICONDEROGA is this coming Monday - and I have 2 scripts to write for it (biz as usual).

Still debating over a second season of JERRY AND THE PIRATES, and POWDER RIVER SEASON 5 starts in February.

more later.

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