Saturday, May 16, 2009

CRT Live

Talks are in the air about doing THE COLONIAL RADIO THEATRE - LIVE! show, perhaps some time in 2010. That would be fun! I'm not a big fan of performing "live" anymore, but it would be for a good cause. Film at 11!


Sharonmaggie said...

Waiting till 11 for the film!

BillJones said...

Interesting and the main shows I have enjoyed are Powder River (too bad about Sandy), Captain Blood, Red Badge of Courage, Yankee Clipper, Phil Byrnes, and the Lady in Black was well done as well. Now I have XM and haven't regretted it but is there any chance of seeing some different shows appear on sirius/xm? Like Gettysburg, and the two on your main page Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot (sounds interesting) and Barrymore? Thanks and love the shows

JR said...

Hi Bill,
Sirius/XM has about 200 half hour episodes from us, and they rotate. This summer there will be quite a few new productions airing; The Perry Mason Radio Dramas will be run as 2 two hour specials, and then will be broadcast as half hour episodes; A Visit with Aesop will be running, as well as 12 episodes of MOONFLEET.

Gettysburg has never played on the air, mainly because it would be too difficult to follow in half hour segments; but this year, July 4th weekend, it will run in its entirety, as a special - unedited.

BARRYMORE just ran 3 broadcasts the last week in April - it may run again late fall/Thanksgiving, thereabouts.

BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT, which stars Walter Koenig, will have a run on the air as well, but that show is still in post production.

This fall we will also be airing 12 episodes of a fun new show called JARREM LEE - GHOST HUNTER, and we are planning on airing these episodes during the month of October.
Thanks for listening. VERY much appreciated!