Wednesday, June 30, 2010


To commemorate the 147th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg, SIRIUS/XM Book Radio will present CRT's 1999 mini-series, GETTYSBURG.
"This is a high quality, digitally recorded production features top-notch actors and music... a great selection for Civil War buffs... and students." - Elaine Hanson - BOOKLIST.

" The sound effects are good, the narration clear and crisp, the various voices even better endless spectacle of blood and dust and insects and carnage. That's what the war itself was like, of course. Here are the fatigue, the despair, the pain, the screams, the deafening cannon plowing through human ranks, death, and dismemberment. Sometimes the politicians are heard. More often the generals and officers and foot soldiers. One would swear that a newspaper reporter with cassette recorder in hand was dashing around the battlefield in the thick of it" - AudioFile

In the tradition of classic radio plays, with a full cast, music and sound effects. The Colonial Radio Theatre On The Air is proud to present this spectacular three part production - "Gettysburg." Highly detailed and accurate, you will find yourself in the middle of General Buford's skirmish line, Little Round Top.The Wheatfield, Pickett's Charge, and listen while President Lincoln delivers his address some four months later. No matter which side you are loyal to... "Gettysburg" will have your heart pounding with its action, adventure and suspense.

SAT. JULY 3 at 8pm - "Good Ground"
SUN. JULY 4 at 4pm - " SEA OF ANGUISH"

All times Eastern. Sirius Ch. 117 / XM Ch. 163

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Greg Burton said...

Love "Gettysburg". Listen to it every year at this time to commemorate the anniversay of the battle. Fabulous production.