Saturday, July 24, 2010


Today we start recording ... PROJECT X. No, thats not really the title, but Project X is what we call EVERYTHING now that we don't want snoopy people finding out about and then going behind our backs to cut their own deals ... THAT ain't gonna happen again, you can bet on that. ANYWAY, we'll announce it soon, and it will then be replaced by ANOTHER Project X.

AUG. 4th we start rolling on VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS! Cool horror episode set in the Amazon! Gonna be a scary one.

MJ turned in the revised FATHER BROWN - THE ARROW FROM HEAVEN (which will replace the version recorded in 2007), and also JARREM LEE EPISODE 18. I did one more round of notes.


Sharonmaggie said...

Who would do that??? It actually happened to you guys? : ((
Is MJ's new FATHER BROWN~ ARROW FROM HEAVEN a re-edited or re-recorded version?
Will Jack Ward be recording with you on any of the VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS since he is writing for it?

JR said...

FATHER BROWN - THE ARROW OF HEAVEN was completely re-recorded on July 10th, has been edited and is now in release on Spoken Network only (other sites still have the older version). We had an editor who didn't do a very good job and it has bothered me ever since. I wanted a new version for when Brilliance releases them in the winter.