Wednesday, February 16, 2011


You know, I really don't like blogging. It's like working all day and then writing about it.
BUT - I will!
We released the February CD's today - PERRY MASON 2, and also ZORRO RIDES AGAIN. Hoping they do well and that people like them. If they don't - I don't really care :)

FINALLY a quiet week with no major recording sessions! We don't start taping again till the 26th.

Bill Luce sent me a very nice souvenir program book from his play BARRYMORE, which Christopher Plummer has revived for a month long Toronto run at the Elgin. I had planned to attend opening night, but some little health issues kept me home. Bill called me and filled me in on the details to the point where I now feel like I was there. The shows original director, Gene Saks, was there as well. What a night that would have been!
They will be filming the show (without an audience) for release as a movie. I am very happy I was able to do the radio version of this fantastic play, and hopefully some day I'll play it on stage again.

That's all for now. Been a very long day, as I am sure it has been with many of you.

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