Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As we're gearing up to record the final episodes of our western series POWDER RIVER, Brilliance Audio is gearing up to begin releasing the series on CD, starting with Season 1 on November 15th 2011.
It's been seven years since we started the series and I am blown away with how well it has done and the response from our fans. There is not a week goes by that I do not receive email about it.

The original CD Release by our former publisher, was doomed from the start, with the CD's priced at an outlandish $54.00. I mean - come on. The new release will offer an entire season for $9.99 (hard case copies for Libraries will cost a little more).
Jeff Hayes will be designing the cover art for all 5 seasons, and to start it off, completed the Season 1 design, pictured here, with Britt (yours Truly)and Chad MacMasters (Derek Aalerud) in front of Starr's General Store, in Clearmont WY.

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