Sunday, August 28, 2011


In January of 1999 we recorded THE ALAMO. Originally released on audio cassette (anyone under 20 know what an audio cassette is) , and then for download on sites like Audible and the now defunct Spoken Network.FINALLY it is being released on CD. This version has been re-cut, some sequences re-recorded, and also new sound effects added.Why re-cut it? After years in release I took another listen, and knew I could make it better. An example, the opening scene has a father talking to his son. the actor playing the father then appears in the next scene - at the Alamo. This actor had a very distinctive voice, which I thought he could mask with a different voice, but it didn't work out. So, years later I re-recorded the fathers lines with a new actor, then inserted them into the scene. The one problem was - the original mixing sessions were long gone. I had no track separation (THE ALAMO was edited on a digital work station, not a computer - so storage space was quite limited). So, not only did I have to drop the voice in, but I had to match the sounds I used for the original edit - including matching the ticking of a clock - so the ticks would match! Then I added more to the battle, and also eliminated the scenes with Santa Ana, as our actor sounded more like Bela Lugosi than Santa Ana (Not that I know what Santa Ana sounded like, but I am quite sure he didn't sound like Bela Lugosi).

Soon, the cut was finished, and it remains one of my all time favorite productions that I was able to work on. A rousing score by Jeff Gage (we used many of the tracks several years later for our POWDER RIVER series), and a wonderful cast headed by Bill Hammond as David Crockett and John Schnatterly as William Travis. At the time I was appearing with John in MOON OVER BUFFALO, and invited him to join us at the Alamo. He said yes - and I am glad he did for he is great in this role.

I kept as close to the known facts as I could (even though an erroneous review claimed we have Travis draw the line in the sand - which never appears in the show and was not written into the script - so this critic heard what he wanted to, or expected to hear). So - on March 6, 2012, exactly 176 years after the battle, Brilliance Audio will release our production of THE ALAMO with brand new cover art by Jeff Hayes - and I couldn't be happier!

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sharon4maggie said...

I'm so excited for the release of enhanced new version of The Alamo! It's one of my favorites and I can't wait! Thank you~