Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quick random thoughts on some reviews

Doing my usual Saturday of cruising the internet for CRT items;found an interesting review on Audible for PERRY MASON AND THE CASE OF THE LUCKY LEGS. Some of these reviews (like this one) have mentioned we are doing PERRY MASON with no courtroom scene, and it seems to tick them off. Not all of the early books HAD a courtroom scene. We are not changing the content or story of these original Gardner books. Most of our MASON reviews have been very positive, and some have some had constructive criticism,while others are just downright nasty because we do not have Raymond Burr (sorry folks, Raymond will not be coming down for breakfast).

Also noticed one site that had recently given POWDER RIVER a rave review (comparing it to Bonanza) decided to re-write the review and fundamentally pan the show all around - including calling me an Eastern Greenhorn LOL. Okay, I think we did something to piss this guy off , so he changes his reviews and now we basically suck and have no idea what we are doing. They're out there, folks (as Jerry Williams used to say)!

PERRY MASON and FATHER BROWN are our two most popular titles, and there is another amazing FR. BROWN review where they complain the shows are so short, he heard an entire episode while waiting at a traffic light! That is one L-o-n-g traffic light! We don't have an episode under 30minutes (well, there might be one around 28min), so I feel so bad that this guy is waiting a half hour for a green light. UNLESS his CD is skipping to the last track and he doesn't know it :)
Then there is the FATHER BROWN critic who gave us one star because he couldn't hear the show while driving with his top down. Not to mention an OZ review that gave us 1 star because there was music in the show! They're out there, folks!

I'm not complaining that these people didnt like our shows - hell, even I dont like some of our shows; I just mention them here because I thought they were kind of funny.


Mike Hobart said...

I saw that one about the convertible. What sort of drama could you listen to while driving round with the top down???

JR said...

Maybe a dramatized biography of KISS or METALLICA.