Monday, July 02, 2012

With a little Help from ....

I got an email that mentioned how lucky CRT was to have a big publisher give us money to produce our shows. If only that were true. From Day 1, all of our shows are self financed and self produced - from our own little pockets. In 17 years, we have never taken a dime of Grant money, never been spotted by a millionaire, and our publisher only releases shows that we have already recorded and produced. Just wanted to make that clear, as this email made it sound like we have been "given" some kind of golden ticket. Nothing has come easy, and it's still not easy. We started before home editing computers, our initial shows were on cassettes (at two thousand bucks to print a run), I walked MANY miles to every gift shop in Boston and every tourist trap in New England selling our shows to gift shops week after week for two years. It was 5 years before we got a publisher (which didn't last), 11 years before we got a REAL publisher, and 10 years before we went on the air with XM. Nothing happened fast and easy, as this email implies. I've heard other "producers" take pot shots at CRT, and I guess that's what you do. But just wanted to  state that we started just like everyone else - at the bottom - with no experience - and 17 years later we're still plugging away (except I don't have to pound the pavement anymore.).

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