Saturday, August 25, 2012

New on Amazon - our production of Jules Verne's THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS. We recorded this in early 2001 and it was originally released on cassette in the large CIVIL WAR STORIES box set. At that time our Civil War library consisted of GETTYSBURG. Penton (Our publisher) wanted 10 cassettes. So - I wrote/produced SHILOH (2 cassettes) RED BADGE OF COURAGE (2 cassettes) ADVANCE AND RETREAT (1 cassette) ALABAMA (1 cassette) and BLOCKADE (1 cassette) These, with GETTYSBURG, gave us 10 Cassettes. It also meant I had to write a lot of scripts in a very short period of time.
THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS, a short story by Verne, was the last completed, and was the toughest to do, as it was written and recorded during my Mom's final days in her battle with cancer. It was recorded a week before she passed away. I don't remember too much about the recording session for this one - it was a tough one to get through. They were very dark days.  Brilliance is releasing THE BLOCKADE RUNNERS for the first time on CD. Listening to it 11 years later, I think it's a solid little show.


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