Wednesday, June 26, 2013


 On July 15th, Sirius XM, Ch. 80, Book Radio, will be replaced by a channel that will tell you all you need to know about farming and raising chickens. Colonial has had an amazing 8 years on Sirius XM delivering well over 500 half hour programs. We're very sorry to see it go, and we'll miss our Sirius XM listeners. We hope many of you still visit our website and  facebook page, as something is ALWAYS happening at CRT. Be sure to tune in to CH. 80 on FRI. JULY 12th, at 3am and 12pm Eastern, for a VERY SPECIAL program starring Dibble, repeating SAT. JULY 13th at 9am Eastern.  It will be our final broadcast. Thanks to Steve, Josephine, Maggie and Kim for a wonderful 8 years.

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