Wednesday, June 10, 2015


This week was a milestone for our POWDER RIVER series, as it wrapped production on its 11th season, and recorded it's 150th episode!  Not bad for a show that was a summer replacement program for THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW with a 15 episode run. However once it went on the air the listeners wanted to hear more, thanks in part to the three episode arc that concluded the first season, and several month later we were back recording RETURN TO POWDER RIVER - planning on ending after our 15th episode. But, that didn't work out either, and here we are 11 years later still in production.
In celebration of our 150th episode, CRT would like to thank the cast and crew who have brought this show to life over the years.

Executive Producer - Mark Vander Berg
Writer, Director - Jerry Robbins
Music - Jeffrey Gage
Producers: Seth Adam Sher, M.J. Cogburn, Chris Snyder, Jerry Robbins


Britt MacMasters - Jerry Robbins
Chad MacMasters - Derek Aalerud
Doc - Lincoln Clark
Sandy Dolen - Diane Capen
Sheriff Clem Wilkins - Sam Donato
Starr Borden - Cynthia Pape
Rusty - Shane Clarke
Millie - Diane Lind
Sheriff Lane Dawes - Joseph Zamparelli
Clay Tucker - Deniz Cordell
Jacob - James McLean
Etta Wilkins - Marcia Friedman
Brad Warren - Alex Bookstein
Erica Walsh - Kristen Datoli
                       Amy Sheridan
Esther McCoy - Shana Dirik
Matt Anderson - Isaac Bean
                           Anastas Varinos
Laurel McCoy - Rebecca Klein
                           Arielle Lipshaw
Levi Curtis MacMasters - Gabriel Clark
Mrs. Octavia Hudson - Ronni Marshak
Andrew Hudson - Josh Lees
Cheyenne - Jack Libresco
                   James Turner
Announcers - Bill Hammond
                       Sam Donato

Season 12 begins production this fall.

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