Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Family Time Audio is exactly that…
audio dramas that are perfect for sharing with the entire family.  Grandparents to young children will find Family Time Audios entertaining and our stories enthralling.   
No need to worry about strong language or adult situations.  Our programs hearken back to a simpler time when being “edgy” wasn’t necessary, but good storytelling was.  
Thoroughly modern sound editing and our fondness for superior music scores make each production something truly special.

A new sister company of CRT, we look forward to producing new and exciting content with Family Time - especially its new release


Many have asked us at Colonial to produce more episodes of our 2008 comedy series JERRY AND THE PIRATES. We've done just that (With a change in title), and have released ALL FOR ONE! It's on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, and many other digital book stores.

VISIT THE FAMILY TIME WEBSITE For more information and ordering links.

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