Thursday, February 08, 2018

Those witches

Yep, we ask for your reviews here at CRT, but I must admit I was surprised to see a 1 star given to TICONDEROGA Season 3 on AMAZON because of an episode called THE WITCH - considered by the reviewer to be not acceptable for family listening. I'm sorry if you were offended; but every episode cannot be blood and thunder; witchcraft was a very serious and much feared thing in the 18th century; and I thought that it was a good story idea. The episode does not get into any black a...rts and it doesn't get preachy or have any hidden message -- in fact, people at the fort "surmise" she is a witch -- in the end, no one knows. The second part of the story dealt with Dagadawidah and the spirit world of the Native Americans - after writing over 50 episodes I thought it would be a good storyline for the character.

Again, if this offended you, I'm sorry. It was not my intention to stomp on anyones beliefs; I was just trying to tell a historical story true to the times it took place in. It's getting very difficult to actually write anything these days that does not offend someone, somewhere -- especially when telling stories that take place 80, 100, or 250 years in the past. I can take bad reviews, I certainly have a few of them, and I actually do respect the view and opinion of this listener -- but I just thought it mis-represented the season of episodes, giving the impression it's darker and deeper into witchcraft than it actually is. Cheers - JR

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