Sunday, June 18, 2006


After leaving "My Space" because I couldn't deal with the nuts and spam, the AUDIO ADDICT suggested I try this little place! I thought it would nice to have a site to update our progress and productions with The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air, which is now in it's 11th year!

Well, another day of recording. Did some line punch ins for "Powder River" Episode 03-09 and 03-10. Also, editing continues on "Dandelion Wine" for Ray Bradbury. We have 2 weeks to finish the project. So far, I'm not worried. All is going well with this one.

July will be the last BIG busy month of the year, and I can't wait till it's over. I am determined to have a calm and easy August. After "Dandelion Wine" finishes, I need to write and record 10 more episodes for "Powder River." We are recording EVERY Monday night in July (a first) and now's the time to take bets on whether or not I finish the scripts. We need them for XM, so they GOTTA get done soon. The Powder River series is our most popular show on XM. Sooo, 20 new episodes on the way, and I plan on 20 more starting in October.

What else - Oh! New CD Releases!!

"Captain Blood" will be released July 28th on Six CD's, and also on cassette tapes and mp3! I don't know all the outlets yet, but I've seen it at B&N online, as well as Wal-Mart online and even places in Germany and Japan!

"Legend of Sleepy Hollow" will be released on CD October 1st. It will be in Barnes and Nobel, Borders, Amazon, and a bunch of other places.

"Dandelion Wine" should be out for Christmas.

Chris Snyder is doing a FANTASTIC job as our new producer on "Powder River." He has already turned in 2 episodes and a third on the way!

Thats all for now,


Mark said...

Hello Jerry,
I was just wondering again what the differences between the broadcast and CD versions of Captain Blood would be?


Jerry Robbins said...

Hi Mark,
The broadcast version of Captain Blood is told in 17 episodes, running on average 27 minutes each (some a bit shorter), with announcer credits at the start and finish of each episode. Some of the content needs to be edited to fit in this time slot (however, not much is being cut - the most drastic so far is episode 2 where we needed to trim off 3 minutes).
The CD version is told as one, long continuous story, with no episode breaks - the novel fully dramatized.