Friday, June 23, 2006

Progress Continues

After a few days of dealing with a new phone line being put in, which also caused my DSL to be turned off in the process, I am FINALLY back to work here! We have 8 completed episodes for "Powder River - season 3" in the can, all done and ready to air; two more in editing, and we begin recording again July 10th, which means I need to start writing the scripts! We have a VERY special guest star coming on the show for two episodes, which I'll announce as the date gets closer!

"Dandelion Wine" continues in post production and is sounding good.

I'm off to Minneapolis July 7-9 for the Mark Time Awards bash at the Sheraton, and looking forward to meeting people from the Audio Drama world whom I've known of for years. Also, I think I'll be meeting Dean Spratt who has played seasons one and two of "Powder River" on his weekly Satellite show on the WOKIE Network - so it should be a fun three days.

Long weekend ahead of serious editing, making up for lost time, and doing an interview with John Lovering in Portsmouth NH about our 1999 production "Little Big Horn" which he is running on his show next week. That should be fun. I'm not the worlds be subject for an interview, but I'm getting the hang of it.

The upcoming June 28th release of "Captain Blood" is VERY exciting. It's quite a feeling seeing pre-sale blurbs for it in Borders and Barnes and Nobel after a freezing cold winter of recording and editing. What a whirl wind production that was.