Friday, August 11, 2006


Well, last night we got most of the cast together and broke the champagne bottle over our production of DANDELION WINE! It was a great party with tons of food and deserts (including Marcia's 100 proof tart), and the show was played on the incredible BOSE system ... almost three months to the day that we recorded the vocals! Now we sit back and hope we have a hit on our hands. The program will be released December 1st, and will be available on shelf at Barnes and Nobel, Borders, and online everywhere, worldwide!

In other news, Chris Snyder is going a mile a minute on the POWDER RIVER series, and we are only five episodes away from total completion!!

I am also VERY happy to announce that we are going into production with a brand new series!! This September we roll on a new Detective, film-noir style drama called A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY, written by Sable Jak. I love the scripts, and I am looking forward to producing this series!! I'm figuring out the casting now.

That's it from the writing desk,