Monday, August 14, 2006

Vacation thoughts

How nice is this?? The first Monday in four weeks that we are NOT recording! After a POWDER RIVER marathon - recording 10 episodes in 4 weeks (and writing them all in the weeks between each session) - I am really enjoying the stress-free day. CAPTAIN BLOOD appears to be going well! I have yet to see the finished packaged product, but hopefully that will happen this week.

Today is one those incredible New England days - it feels like 78 or so, and there is a strong, cool breeze and the air is clear with no humidity. I'm still glued to the writing desk, but its nice with the window open. I decided that next summer I am taking a vacation! I haven't had one in years. I am thinking maybe a week on the Cape, or something quiet up north. Maybe two weeks. I love my work, I really do, and so far this year I've written 37 scripts, re-vamped two others, and still have a full length program to write, 20 more episodes of POWDER RIVER starting in October, and editing new programs, and our XM series, and recording on top of all that .... so yep, I could use a break! Waaa waaa waaa. No, I'm not complaining - I'm just looking forward to some time away. But you know what will happen? When I am away, I will come up with new ideas, and after a week I'll be dying to get back to work. Odd.