Saturday, September 30, 2006

We just released a brand-new Dibble episode, his second HALLOWEEN SHOW It even has a musical number in it (well, as much as Dibble can do a musical number). It's a fun little treat for Halloween so check it out!

Getting ready to record two more episodes of A PHIL BYRNES MYSTERY on Monday night, and still working on the new shows for XM (shipping on Monday). Speaking of XM, POWDER RIVER season 3 finished up it's first run yesterday, and I can't believe the response we got from this series. XM started running them back in July I think, with a repeat of seasons 1 and two, and went right into three. So, P-R was on the air for 10 weeks! Lots of great emails from our fans - and thank you again for taking the time to write to us!


Violet said...

Hi, Mr. Robbins--I'm another listener who first heard you on XM, the Dibble "Lord of the Things" parody specifically. I don't even like the Western genre per se, and I've still become hooked on Powder River (it's also amusing to listen to your other series after first being a Dibble fan: "Hey, what are Mr. Bucky and Rita doing out in Wyoming?"). Excellent work, and I can't wait to hear Dandelion Wine and the revamped Treasure Island. Thanks for everything. :-)

Jerry Robbins said...

Hi Violet,
Thank's for the kind words, and I'm glad you like THE DIBBLE SHOW! Mr. Bucky and Rita DO get around, don't they? I hope you like the new TREASURE ISLAND! Thanks again - cheers ~Jerry