Tuesday, October 03, 2006

THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN RIDES AGAIN! Yeah, I know I blogged this the other day,but SLEEPY HOLLOW is getting some great attention in stores and we're excited about it! You can order it from AMAZON, or BORDERS, or BARNES AND NOBLE - and it's also on shelf at B&N and Borders (so they say). Oh! And if you live in JAPAN - we got you covered! Anyway, that's that.

It's odd how many of these online sites take forever to get the cover art posted! Everything takes so much time in this biz. Craig Slaff in NJ painted the fantastic Headless Horseman painting for us, and then Blackstone's art dept. did the incredible cover design! It's one hot lookin' CD!!

We recorded two more PHIL BYRNES mystery episodes last night. Before the session I met up with J.T. (currently a smash hit as Ben Franklin in the Boston turn of 1776 at the Lyric), his some James, and Diane Capen, at the China Cuisine in here in North Reading (An AWESOME restaurant), the we recorded. Next Monday we record the first FATHER BYRNES episode!!

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