Friday, October 06, 2006

You know, when I heard Barbra was touring again (Like Sinatra, MANY farewell concerts over the decades) - I was ALMOST tempted to see her on her Boston Stop. I mean, there is no doubt she is the last of the true "legends" of Show Biz. Can you imagine J-Lo or Ms. Spears still selling out concert halls 40 years from now? It's impossible - because show business doesn't have the foundation anymore to build REAL and LASTING stars. It's all "celebrities" these days. Streisand sang with Judy Garland, Ethel Merman - she was directed by Gene Kelly and Vincente Minnelli ... and she has that voice! But I had a hunch that this would be a political gathering, not just a concert. Lately it's almost impossible to go to a concert without hearing the performer throw out their political views from the stage. K.D. Lang at the South Shore Music Circus slam dunks the administration and blasts the President from the stage ... then Tony Bennett came out for the second half and sang his hits, gave a classy performance,brought the house down, stuck to his legend and not his political views (whatever they may be) and showed everyone what a REAL star is.

That's what I'm talking about here. Now, I don't happen to fall in with Babs'or K.D.'s views, but I wish that these performers would just PERFORM. If you want to go into politics - then go into politics! But I do not want to spend $75.00 to hear K.D. tell me what she thinks of the way the US is being run ... or in Bab's case, $750.00 (thats the top ticket in Boston)!
I have no problem with people speaking their views. If she wants to talk about them on a talk show, or interview - I got ZERO problem with that. But in a concert - I just dont think that's the place. Maybe I'm too old fashioned. And folks - I say this about ANYONE, from ANY party - even the party I belong to! When I go to see a star, I want to hear their songs, not their views on politics. I can go to a rally or a debate for that.
So, when I heard Babs was going to tour, I thought "Hmmmm .... she IS a legend ..." but then I figured I'd have to listen to her political views, so I decided not to shell out the $$$.$$ I'm glad I did, for it seems she has a Bush impersonator as her opening act. I ain't got not problem with that - but not at a concert where I spend $750.00 She is taking the money and turning it over to her charities, which I think is a very noble thing she is doing - but maybe she should have just toured with "A forum with Barbra Steisand." See, she could have filled these arena's with people wanting to hear her political views - and that would be fine. There is a place for everything.
I don't want to use my blog as any kind of political debate forum, and I'm not picking on Babs per-sey, but I just wish these stars would keep their views off the concert stage where we pay to hear it, and that goes for stars of ALL political parties!

Streisand Mocks Bush on Opening Night
Barbra Streisand peppered the opening night of her comeback tour in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a series of digs aimed at President George W. Bush. The 64-year-old is a staunch Democrat and is still appalled that Bush was elected to the most powerful position in the world despite doubts over the crucial result in Florida in 2000. The concert at the Wachovia Center featured a political satire sketch where an actor playing the Republican president reeled off lines including, "I'm concerned about the national debt, so I'm selling Canada," and, "If I cared about the polls I would have run for president of Poland." Streisand has come out of retirement for a series of shows to raise money for a charitable foundation which supports a number of environmental and educational causes.

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Anonymous said...

You are right, the legends had and have class. Babs has forgotten that is is her voice that has brought her fame and fortune. Oh well, she apparently has done well enough to be able to write off all those who live in the Red states.