Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The session was OK last night;another 2 PHIL BYRNES mysteries in the can. Everything is on schedule with this one and should have no trouble airing in January. It's a fun cast and some cool stories. I think lovers of film noir will enjoy this series.

Tonight I'm writing for POWDER RIVER and trying to get myself out of another complex storyline I've gotten myself into. Why do I do this to myself!!??

Did a little yard work this afternoon (hoping to get the brain cells going again), and that was all well and good. I'm not really cut out for yard work though. I should do a dibble show about it. Oh wait ... I already did

OH - and the most important thing I did today - I VOTED! Now, I am not going to get political here on my CRT blog, however one of the local TV stations has just projected Dem.Liberal Duval "together we can" patrick as the winner in the Governors Race. So, now we have a dem. house and a dem. governor here in good ol MA - We'll finally find out what "together we can" - really means; i.e; GET READY TO BE TAXED BACK INTO THE STONE AGE! And dare I leave out fearless leaders like Ted Kennedy and that stand up comedian with the bad timing John Kerry representing us in DC. Pass the scotch. That's it - I'll shut up now. Don't debate me - I won't respond :) I'll bet a couple of former CRT players who had issues with my political leanings are dancing a jig tonight :) I doubt they'll be dancing in four years though - their wallets can't afford the music (yeah, I'm bitter, but these Bozo's were rather rude to me in the first place)

OK - Out of the political arena of BS; I am working hard to finish a script for Mr. B that we are going to be recording in December (if he approves it!). I'm looking forward to this one very much!

I kinda miss doing our Colonial Radio Christmas Show. We did it live on stage, playing some really nice Opera Houses in New Hampshire and Maine. I want to take that out again sometime. Maybe for a months run in the same location. Maybe next year.

That's it for now. Aloha!

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