Saturday, January 20, 2007

Productive week - 2 more POWDER RIVER episodes finished, read two books (not for fun,they are future projects I need to dramatize),did some editing on the vocal masters to a new show, and worked on two scripts.

I just finished revamping my CRT mailing list. It gets frustrating when I have trouble casting shows with five roles and there are 50 actors on the CRT list - and most haven't been in a show in over a year. I want the numbers to reflect what I actually have, so I adjusted the list to active members. I hope no one gets mad, but I really like to know exactly what I have to work with - and my days of chasing people down are long over.

FATHER BROWN starts production on the 29th, and we hope to get this one out on CD ASAP! I'm very excited about this series. Matt McLaren, our editor in Australia, is currently posting the first episode; and I will edit a couple as well. I want this one out the door by the first week of March, at the very latest. Also up at bat is our first Louis L'Amour story, which I'll record in February.

I finally got to listen to a production from Big Finish, out of the UK. It was a Dr. Who program. Now, I have always disliked Dr. Who (I cant deal with those BBC tv shows) - but this production was incredible! I loved it! Dr. Who works best in radio! I don't have a link handy, and I'm too lazy to look for one, but google Big Finish if you're interested.

What else ... only 22 more weeks of DIBBLE episodes before the new cast comes in (I like the new cast episodes better - ummmm, the writing got better?)


Randy said...

I'm sad to report Dean passed away this Saturday afternoon (Jan 20, 2007). -Randy W. Bloomington, MN

Jerry Robbins said...

Randy, thank you for letting me know. This is very, very sad news. I will miss him.