Tuesday, March 06, 2007


CRT has made an agreement with JIM FRENCH PRODUCTIONS in Seattle, to broadcast POWDER RIVER as part of their IMAGINATION THEATRE program! We will be on the first weekend of each month on their affiliate stations! There's a hundred or so stations, so it will be fun bringing the series to a whole new audience!

We will be filling a one hour slot, so the episodes are being re-edited. Each hour will contain two episodes, re-cut to make a single, continuous program. They are also being re-mastered for a richer and fuller sound.

Jim French has been producing radio plays since 1965, and he has amassed over 600 programs. His company is best known for their detective series HARRY NILE, and they do a magnificent job with the ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES, which is one of my favorites on XM. Here are just some of the stations we will be heard on-

1110 FM KFAB Omaha, NE. Sat. 7pm

860 AM KPAM, Portland, OR Sun. 9pm

760 AM, KFMB San Diego CA, Sun. 10pm

850 AM WRUF, Gainesville, FL Sun. 10pm

1360 AM, KRWC, Buffalo, MN Sat. 7pm

830 AM, WCCO, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Sat. 11pm, Sun. Midnight

- and many more. I am very happy that Imagination Theatre is giving POWDER RIVER this opportunity, and I hope the show does good numbers for them (so TUNE IN!!!). I'll publish a more precise schedule of stations when it is available. So remember - once a month - starting the first weekend in April!

More exciting POWDER RIVER news in a few days!

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Anonymous said...

powder river is the best on the radio.
i drive a truck and i love listieing to it.
it needs to be made into a tv series because its a good clean show the whole family could watch.

phil byrnes is good too.

thanks for putting it on xm.