Sunday, March 04, 2007


The trailer for POWDER RIVER - SEASON 4 is now live on Spoken Network! Check it out - you can download it free of charge. Episodes will be ready for download starting the week of March 19th, when the series plays its first run on XM, Ch. 163.

My 9 year old next door neighbor wrote his first book! It's a three page (maybe two and half) story that isn't that bad! He was hoping to get it put onto a CD, so I think we'll record it for him. I've been letting him and some of his friends snowboard in my back yard (It has a good hill for snowboarding) - so they've been out there for an hour or so each day having a ball.

Yesterday I wrote a 17 page "sample script" for a story we might do. We'll submit it to the 'powers that be' and see if it goes anywhere.

We have a television show in development, and it's now "pitch time" to the studios (and nail biting time for me). We are working with a top-notch animation studio who has worked very hard in developing this project, and everyone seems to think we have a good shot at it. Wish us luck!

I will have some cool POWDER RIVER news to announce soon - perhaps this week.

TOM SWIFT is the script I am working on today. It's just about finished. Can't wait to start this one.

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