Saturday, April 07, 2007


Well, after almost two years of talk and development, I can finally mention that CRT's THE NEW DIBBLE SHOW is in development as a TV series! A production of "The House of Cool" in Toronto, Canada, the studio was formed by Ricardo Curtis. Ricardo has worked on such pictures as THE INCREDIBLES, THE IRON GIANT, ROAD TO EL DORADO, and MONSTERS INC. to name a few. These are world class animators and we are very fortunate to have crossed paths with them! In just a couple of weeks, the series will be pitched to the studios, and we keep our fingers crossed that they (the studios) like the show. You can check it out at their website HERE Click on "The New Dibble Show" to see some drawings.


Audio Addict said...

My friend- this is completely awesome! I remember back in October sitting and listening to you tell me all about this. The excitement was contagious, and I'm so happy it's finally happening!

AND- I can blog about it! Yay!!!!


Jerry Robbins said...

Thanks, Dani! The animators did an incredible job designing 'Dibble's world," and I am hoping that the show sells ... but these guys know what they're doing, so I think we're in good hands!