Sunday, April 01, 2007


The first season of our POWDER RIVER series is being released this week from BLACKSTONE AUDIO It's a little on the pricy side (plastic clam shell packaging), but they should be releasing a value pack edition soon.

These are the first 15 episodes of a series I thought would end with episode 15; but that was 60 episodes ago! These have been re-mastered and they sound GREAT for their CD debut! This is the release schedule;

SEASON 1: April 1, 2007

SEASON 2: May 1,2007

SEASON 3: June 1, 2007

SEASON 4: July 1, 2007

And guess what? Season 5 begins taping in June! 15 episodes are planned.


Tom said...

Wait,if there is a season 5 then I'm not the Ted Mcginly of Radio. WOOT>

jason said...

why did they stop playing powder river season 4 after the 5th eposide?

Jerry Robbins said...

Hi Jason, XM could not find the remaining five episodes I had sent; they have since located them and the season 4 will run after CAPTAIN BLOOD finishes. I think they are going to repeat the first five episodes as well, since the storyline was disrupted.

jason said...

thanks for taking time to answer me.i love powder river, the cast does a great job making me feel like i'm right there with them.i hope it makes it to a tv series one day.

Jerry Robbins said...

My pleasure, Jason! Thanks so much for listening to POWDER RIVER!We really appreciate it. I would LOVE to see the show as a TV series some day (Tom Selleck as Britt MacMasters!!). I'm not sure Hollywood would accept it though. No swears, no extreme blood - just good clean western adventure. Unfortunately, I think its a thing of the past. Deadwood we are not. Thank god!