Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Last night we started production on KING SOLOMON'S MINES and also recorded episode 9 of FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES. Lots of fun and a great cast! Shane Clarke was in both episodes (Shane has been with CRT for all 13 years), and Hugh Metzler, J.T. Turner, Amy Sheridan and Brian Rust. Everyone delivered some great stuff and I can't wait to get the dialog into editing and post. KSM's is on the fast track and I hope to have it released in March.

We are expecting to see FATHER BROWN MYSTERIES, VOL. 1 released to CD very soon; the masters were sent to Blackstone a week or so ago. We will continue to release individual episodes for download to Spoken Network as they are completed.

Also, we are in negotiations to produce our first true Science Fiction production! This is a genre we have not dabbled in, but we are hoping to roll on this one in the summer - and it's gonna be a big one, folks! We are talking with the author of the book, and hopefully we will be able to announce this soon.

thats all for now.

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