Monday, January 21, 2008

Recording tonight

Kevin McLeod has joined the production team for KING SOLOMON'S MINES which starts recording tonight. Kevin did the music for our FATHER BROWN series, and I'm very happy that he will do the honors for KSM! Eric Busby will produce the show, and along with myself the cast includes J.T. Turner and Hugh Metzler. We also have two new actors joining CRT tonight, so I am looking forward to a good time.

Long nights lately as I rush to finish the script for ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS, pulling two all-nighters (after all dayers) that ended around six in the morning. I'll finish this script tonight after we record, and then it's done and we can move onto the next phase of production!

Pretty soon I hope to be able to tell you news about our TV series! How cool is that!?

Now it's time for an equipment check for tonight.

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