Friday, January 25, 2008


Very happy to announce that this morning at 12:30am I finished the script for ZORRO AND THE PIRATE RAIDERS! Now it needs to be given the approval of Zorro Productions and then we can start the casting process. It is written as a six episode series for broadcast, but will released on CD as complete feature. From what I know, this is the first time ZORRO has been presented as a radio drama. If anyone knows otherwise, I would love to know!


Holger said...

I am very excited to hear that the Zorro script is done. Good luck with the casting and the production. I am waiting for the CDs.

There was a Zorro series in the 50s but only a few of them survived.

And there is a German radio production, but that was not good either:

So you are right. There is a lot of space for an excellent Zorro radio drama production in the market. I am excited.


Holger Raeder

Holger said...

Here you can actually download the Adventures of Zorro from OTR.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if Duncan Regehr been contacted to do the voice of Zorro/Don Diego? He has a great radio background in Canada (CBC) and that fabulous voice... and of course was the lead in the Zorro Productions/New World Pictures 1990s television series. -LW

Jerry Robbins said...

Duncan Regeher will not be playing Zorro in CRT's production.