Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Today was our first recording session for our new, 24 episode, French and Indian War Epic, Ticonderoga! And what a great session it was! Our new co-star, Paolo Settipane (pictured, left) did an OUTSTANDING job! In just three episodes we saw his character develope and he took to the mics like an old pro. A very natural actor, and one who has "it." Also in the picture is first time CRT player Evan Tanner, who you will certainly be hearing a lot from in our shows. Recently moved up from the south (I think Arkansas??), he's a great actor who I saw on stage last spring in True West, directed by Nancy Curran Willis (who directed our three Bradbury productions). Also in tonights episodes were J.T. Turner, Joseph Zamparelli Jr., Tom Berry, and Jud Pierce.
So a big WELCOME to Paolo and Evan, and HERE'S TO our new production, Ticonderoga!

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